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Xpedition™ DNA Prep Kits
  Cat.# Product Qty CHF
D6202 Xpedition™ Soil/Fecal DNA MiniPrep 50 Preps inquire
D6206 Xpedition™ Fungal/Bacterial DNA MiniPrep 50 Preps inquire
D6216 Xpedition™ Tissue & Insect DNA MiniPrep 50 Preps inquire
D6221 Xpedition™ Plant/Seedl DNA MiniPrep 50 Preps inquire

Zymo Research offers a variety of kits for remote isolation of DNA from various sample sources. All Xpedition™ kits contain the new Xpedition™ Lysis/Stabilization Solution for preservation of DNA for storage/transport.



Xpedition Sample Processor (XSP)
The XSP can be used in the lab and in the field to effectively process tough-to-lyse source material. Learn more...

Cat.# Product CHF
S6020 Xpedition Sample Processor (XSP)
- 1 Xpedition™ Sample Processor
- 1 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
- 1 Battery Charging Station
- 1 Universal Power Converter
- 4 Ear Plugs
- Product Literature and Information

The Key to Remote Processing...
...is sample lysis and stabilization at the site of collection. Xpedition™ Lysis/Stabilization Solution does just that! Now you can preserve the DNA in sample lysates for long periods of time without the need for refrigeration. Learn more...

Cat. No. Product CHF
D6202-1-40 Xpedition™ Lysis/Stabilization Solution (40 ml) inquire
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