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Ultimative solutions for RNA isolation
For easy, reliable and rapid isolation of highly-concentrated total RNA from cells or tissue samples, that is suitable for subsequent RNA-based methods including RT-PCR, hybridization etc. Read more...

  • Quick (10 min) RNA isolation
  • Fast-Spin column technology
  • Ultra-clean RNA eluted into minimal volumes
  • Omits the use of organic denaturants and proteases
Cat# Product Binding Capacity Elution vol. #Preps CHF
R1050 Quick-RNA MicroPrep 5μg/column ≥6μl 50 208.00
R1054 Quick-RNA MiniPrep 25μg/column ≥35μl 50 208.00
R1055 200 587.00
R1056 Quick-RNA MidiPrep 125μg/column ≥100μl 25 331.00
R1052 ZR-96 Quick-RNA 5μg/well ≥25μl 2x96 481.00
R1053 4x96 926.00
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ZR RNA MicroPrep™ & MiniPrep™
Quick method for high quality total RNA isolation from small amounts of cells & tissue (needle biopsies). Isolates both large and small RNA species (no extra steps required!) without reducing agents or phenol. Read more...

Recovery of small RNA. Total RNA isolated using the ZR RNA MicroPrep™ resolved on an agarose gel (2-4) and small RNAs from the same sample resolved in a native polyacrylamide gel (6-7).
  • Quick (15min) RNA isolation
  • Fast-Spin column technology
  • Minimal elution volumes
  • RNA suitable for RT-PCR & other RNA-based methods
  • No organic denaturants, β-mercaptoethanol, proteases
Cat# Product Binding Capacity Elution vol. #Preps CHF
R1060 ZR RNA MicroPrep 5μg/column ≥6 μl 50 301.00
R1061 200 877.00
R1064 ZR RNA MiniPrep 25μg/column ≥25 μl 50 275.00
R1065 200 877.00
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Ready-to-use quantitative PCR Mastermixes

  • High sensitivity & broad dynamic range
  • Shipping & Reaction set-up without ice
  • Compatible with most cyclers
  • Function and quality controlled!
EvaGreen® qPCR Mixes   Probe qPCR Mixes
Save up to 55%   Save up to 64%
Eva/SYBRGreen qPCR Mix, 200rxn/25ul Lucerna-Chem Sigma ABI Roche
265.50 CHF 290.00 CHF 212.50 CHF
Probe qPCR Mix, 200rxn/25ul Lucerna-Chem Sigma ABI Roche
267.00 CHF 297.00 CHF 240.00 CHF
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