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   Range of secondary Antibodies
  Hosts     Conjugates

• mouse (monocl.)
• goat (polycl.)
• rabbit (polycl.)
• donkey (polycl.)
• sheep (polycl.)
• swine (polycl.)


• none
• Biotin

  Wide range of specificities
  Fc specific:
IgA,   IgD,   IgE,   IgG,   IgM,
IgG1, IgG2, IgG4,    IgG+IgA+IgM,
IgG1+IgG2a+IgG2b+IgG3, IgG1+IgG2a+IgG2b+IgG3+IgA+IgM, IgG1+IgG2a+IgG2b+IgG2c+IgA+IgM,
IgG+ IgG2a+IgG2b+IgG2c

Fab specific:
IgG,    IgG2

Heavy and light chains:
IgG,    IgM,
IgG+IgA+IgM,   IgG+IgA+IgM+IgD,   IgG1+IgG2a+IgG2b+IgG3, IgG1+IgG2a+IgG2b+IgG3+IgA+IgM, IgG1+IgG2a+IgG2b+IgG2c, IgG1+IgG2a+IgG2b+IgG2c+IgA+IgM

Subclass specific:
IgA1,    IgA2,    IgG1,    IgG2,    IgG3,    IgG2a,    IgG2b,   IgG2ab,   IgG2c,    IgG3 (F(ab'')2 subclass specific)

Isotype specific:
IgA1+IgA2,    IgD,    IgE,    IgM

Allotype specific:
IgA2 (A2(m)2 allotype),    IgG2a (1a allotype),    IgG2a (1b allotype), IgG3 (G3m(U) allotype)

Light chains:
Ig kappa light chain (free and bound),
Ig lambda light chain (free and bound)


human J chain of dimeric IgA

What are ScFvs?

Single chain Fvs (ScFvs) are recombinant antibody fragments, which commonly consist of a full variable (epitope-binding) region of an immunoglobulin heavy chain covalently linked to the corresponding variable region of an immunoglobulin light chain. These regions are usually expressed as a single continuous sequence, which may or may not be separated by a short linking amino acid sequence.

Key Advantages of ScFvs

ScFvs have multiple benefits over traditional monoclonal antibodies due to their greatly reduced size (they are essentially a minimal version of an IgG molecule) and ease of genetic manipulation:

  • Full activity, specificity and stability (equal to full lg molecules) despite the reduced size of the ScFvs
  • Higher assay sensitivities: the reduced size of the scFv fragment allows for more densely packed coating of the fragmentís binding regions thus giving higher potential assay sensitivities
  • Reduced interferences: due to the removal of the entire immunoglobulin Fc region there is reduced likelihood of interference (e.g. from secondary antibodies or from Human Anti-Mouse Antibody (HAMA) interference
  • High quality of products: ISO13485 accreditated
  • Primary manufacturer of this novel antibody product range
  • Custom ScFvs can be made against novel targets
Cross-reactivity data for anti-FABP3 (FABPh) ScFv fragments
Anti-FABP3 ScFv antibody fragments. Cross-reactivity data for anti-FABP3 (FABPh) ScFv fragments in an ELISA against other FABP family proteins
Range of ScFv antibody fragments
  • 44 ScFv clones against 15 different targets
  • ScFvs against markers for cardiovascular disease, thyroid function, infectious agents and other disease conditions
  • Multiple clones per target - ideal for assay development
  • Can offer advice on epitope targeting and potential pairing of antibodies

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New Recombinant Antibody Fragments Available:

• Cardiac Troponin 1
• Norketamine
• FABP (heart sub type)
• Haptoglobin Beta Chain
• IL18
• L-Selectin
• Tropomyosin

• Soluble VEGFR1
• P53
• TSH Beta Chain
• TSH/LH/FSH/HCG alpha chain
• PAI-1
• Hepatitis B- Surface Antigen
• Tetanus Toxoid

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