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Test FIREScript™ Reverse Transcriptase
Win a JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker
and 25 CHF credit note on your next Solis order
Reverse transcripiton is a crucial step in RNA analysis for synthesis of a cDNA from a single-stranded RNA. To make this step as quick and easy as possible, Solis BioDyne offers a novel highly thermostable version of M-MLV reverse transcriptase; FIREScript™ Reverese Transcriptase. Read more
  • Fast 15 minute cDNA synthesis
  • Wide 37-60°C working range
  • Ability to work with complex RNA 2° structures
  • Unique 30 days stability at room temp.
  • Ice-free shipping
  • Different formats available
3 Steps to participate in the FIREScript™
Reverse Transcriptase testing campaign
Campaign Rules
NO COSTS: Testing samples are free of charge. No shipping costs apply.

DURATION: In order to enter the campaign, feedback form must be entered no later then
30th April 2019.

FEEDBACK: Eligible Feedback will be appreciated with
25 CHF credit note on your next Solis BioDyne order.

WINNERS: Three winners will be randomly drawn from eligible entries on first day of May 2019. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

PUBLICITY: Solis BioDyne may publish the names of the winners (webpage, social media, marketing materials).


Choose your preferred format and order a free sample of choice via "order sample" in the table below.

  Test and share your feedback through this feedback form by April 30th 2019. Feedback will be honored with 25 CHF credit note on your next Solis order!   Three randomly drawn testers will win a JBL FLIP-4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker!
FIREScript™ RT
cDNA Synthesis MIX
FIREScript™ RT
cDNA Synthesis KIT
Features - Fastest reaction set-up
- Reduced pipetting steps and errors
- All components (except template)
- Conventional kit format
- Flexible reaction composition
- All components (except template)
- Stand-alone enzyme
- Economical choice
Reagents included 1. FIREScript™ Enzyme Mix
- FIREScript™ Reverse Transcriptase
- RiboGrip™ RNase Inhibitor

2. 10x RT Reaction Premix
- RT Reaction Buffer
- dNTPs
- Primers
3. Water
1. FIREScript™ Reverse Transcriptase
2. RiboGrip™ RNase Inhibitor
3. 10x RT Reaction Buffer
4. 20 mM dNTP
5. Oligo (dT) Primer
6. Random Primers
7. Water
1.FIREScript™ Reverse Transcriptase

2.10x RT Reaction Buffer
  * FIREScript™ cDNA Synthesis MIX free sample includes 4 priming options: oligo(dT) + random primers, oligo(dT) primer, random primers, no primers.
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