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Immuno-PCR Tools
Immuno-PCR is an extremely powerful method of immunodetection which combines the specificity of an ELISA with the signal amplification of PCR. Immuno-PCR relies on the use of an antibody which has been conjugated to an oligonucleotide, and this conjugate acts as a bridge between the immunoreaction and DNA amplification.
Innovative Immuno-PCR assay platform
IQELISA™: RayBio® Immuno-Quantitative ELISA kits
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  • 1/10th the sample volume of an ELISA
  • 10x more sensitive than ELISA
  • Pre-coated 96 well plate
  • Complete kit includes all necessary reagents
  • Detection of quantitative protein levels in biological fluids
  • Validation of antibody array results
  • Validation of biomarker discovery studies
Conjugation kits for oligonucleotides and Immuno-PCR
Thunder-Link® PLUS conjugation kits
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  • Simple and rapid conjugation of antibodies to oligonucleotides
  • High recovery of materials and a superior clean-up procedure
  • Use your own oligo and antibody
  • Covalent bond – Highly stable conjugates
Antibodies suitable for Immuno-PCR
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