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InstantBlueProtein Stain
Vaild until 31.12.2018. Not summable with other discounts.
  • Ultra-fast (15 min), ready-to-use Coomassie protein staining
  • Single step procedure
  • No washing, fixing, microwaving or destaining
  • Clear background, high sensitivity (5ng), non-toxic
Expedeon (Lucerna-Chem) 1L InstantBlue CHF 182.-
CHF 145.60
Expedeon (Sigma/Merck) 1L InstantBlue CHF 187.-
ThermoFisher 1L SimplyBlue™ SafeStain CHF 242.-
InstantBlot™: Buffer for Fast Protein Transfers
This breakthrough buffer is designed to deliver a Western blot transfer procedure in only 10 minutes
(where less than 100 kDa), without excessive heat generation that may denature proteins.
  • Save Time: Reduce your blotting time by up to 60%! Results in as little as 10 minutes
  • Better results: With ALL proteins, including HMW proteins
  • Universally Compatible: All brands of gels, every gel chemistry, any membrane, any wet-blotting tank
Expedeon (Lucerna-Chem) 500ml InstantBlot (10x conc.) Pricing
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Lightning-Link® Antibody Labeling Kits
The best solution to poor performing secondary antibodies: Directly conjugate antibodies, proteins, peptides, or any other biomolecule to an Alexa Fluor® dye with Lightning-Link® Alexa Fluor® antibody labeling kits
AlexaFluor® 488
AlexaFluor® 555
AlexaFluor® 568
AlexaFluor® 594
AlexaFluor® 647
AlexaFluor® 700
  • Easiest protocol: Just 1-step.
  • Fast: Only 30 seconds hands-on time. 20 minutes to completed conjugation.
  • Efficient: 100% recovery of your material
  • Versatile: Western Blotting, Flowcytometry, Immunochemistry
  • Many citations: More than 300 references
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