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UltraScence Pico Plus Western ECL Substrate
Low picogram or high femtogram detection   -   Details  
FREE Sample (2x2ml) available!
50 + 50ml ECL Subtrate

Thermo Fisher
Thermo Fisher
BLUltra Prestained Protein Ladder
Broad range ladder from 6.5kDa to 270kDa  -   Details
  Protein Ladder Comparison
  • Better resolution for high molecular weight proteins
  • Tri-colored
  • 10 bands
FREE Sample (25ul) available!
500ul Broad Range Protein Ladder
  BioHelix (Lucerna-Chem)

NEB (Bioconcept)
Thermo Fisher
BluPAD: Dual LED Blue/White Light Transilluminator
A unique, portable mini-darkroom to analyze nucleic acids and proteins  -   Details

Blue-Light Mode: for observing and imaging nucleic acid or protein experiments using fluorescent staining reagents as well as for Gel Cutting and Imaging

White-Light Mode: for observing or imaging SDS-PAGE gels stained with Coomassie Blue or Silver Stain

Watch Demonstration Video

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