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Flow Cytometry Antibodies
Illuminate your research with RayBright® Technology
Brand-NEW! RayBiotech is excited to launch RayBright® Flow Cytometry antibodies! RayBrighten up your FACS research! RayBright® dyes have excellent brightness and cover most of the common emission colors. Familiar channels, Brighter Colors, Competitive Pricing!
RayBright® Blue 488
RayBright® Green 594
RayBright® Red 647
RayBright® Red 700
RayBright® Red 780
RayBright® UV 350
RayBright® UV 450
RayBright® Violet 450
RayBright® Violet 500
Want to test RayBright® dyes for free?
* Free samples available for product codes beginning with 135- (mouse) and 136- (human). 1 vial per Cat.# per customer.
** Valid for purchases of any 100ug RayBiotech flow cytometry antibody. For a limited time only.
anti-mouse Ab's
anti-human Ab's
Pricing & Ordering
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  BrdU Cell Proliferation Kit
RayBright® LIVE
RayBright® LIVE
RayBright® LIVE
RayBright® LIVE
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