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Redefining 16S Library Preparation
Quick-16S™ NGS Library Prep Kit
Fastest 16S rRNA Library Prep. Only 1.5 hours of hands-on time. No need for library quantification analysis (e.g. TapeStation®), since real-time quantitative PCR is utilized. No need for AMPure® clean-ups, since an enzymatic clean-up is introduced between the two PCR steps.
Simple. The Quick-16S™ NGS Library Prep Kit includes all reagents needed to convert up to 96 DNA samples to a single, ready-to-sequence 16S library.
Accurate. Utilization of real-time quantitative PCR enables users to control PCR cycles. This limits PCR chimera formation (below 2%) and PCR bias.
Increased Coverage. Novel primers increase phylogenetic coverage of bacteria and archaea, enabling species-level resolution for human microbiome profiling.
Compatibility. Included primers contain adapters that are fully compatible with Illumina Nextera® Index Kit or similar. The resulting library is directly compatible with Illumina MiSeq®.
Best Phylogenetic Coverage
A. The Quick-16S™ Primer Set V1-V2 includes coverage of common human-associated microbes, (incl. Bifidobacterium, Propionibacterium, Chlamydia) which are missed in common V1-V2 or V1-V3 primers. B. The Quick-16S™ Primer Set V3-V4 provides up to 87% coverage for archaea, organisms commonly found in the human gut. However, the common V3-V4 primers provide 0% coverage for archaea.
Fastest Kit
Reduced Chimera Formation
Non-Biased Library Preparation
The Quick-16S™ NGS Library Prep Kit minimizes PCR chimera formation to below 2% when compared to two common protocols: Human Microbiome Project (HMP) and Earth Microbiome Project (EMP).
  Bias introduced by library preparation techniques is reduced when using the Quick-16S™ Kit This can be measured by the included ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community DNA Standard.
Comparison Table: Quick-16S™ Kit  vs.  NEXTflex™ 16S Kit    
NEXTflex™ 16S Amplicon-Seq Kits
Hands-on Time
1.5 hours
≥ 4 hours
DNA Input Requirements
Normalization is not necessary. DNA concentration range: 5-20 ng/µl
DNA must be quantified and normalized before start
PCR Clean-up
Simple & quick 1-step enzymatic clean-up (reagents included)
AMPure® bead clean-up; multiple (>10) steps (reagents not included)
Index Barcodes
# of tubes to barcode 96 samples: 20
# of tubes to barcode 96 samples: 96
Chimera Control
Limits PCR chimera formation to <2%
No control
Library Quantification
Quantitative PCR (reagents included)
Quantification by gel or Bioanalyzer (reagents not included)
96 rxn
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