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-10% Active Kinases
Valid until 7th of Septebmer. Discounts are not summable.
Promo-Code: SM-070818
SignalChem offers one of the world's most comprehensive range of recombinant kinases of superior purity and activity. Its active kinase product line utilized by many pharmaceutical companies in their drug discovery programs. Browse
CDK4/CyclinD1, Active (C31-10G)
GSK3 alpha, Active (G08-10G)
>440 Enzymes and Substrates are Validated using Radiometric and Promega Assay Kits  
ADP-Glo™ | AMP-Glo™ | GTPase-Glo™ | HDAC-Glo™ SIRT-Glo™ | MTase-Glo™ | PDE-Glo™  
Ubiquitin Enzymes
Extensive array of Products targeting the Ubiquitin Enzyme System
SignalChem has developed an extensive array of products encompassing enzymes, Ub/UBL modifiers and substrates in the ubiquitination, SUMOylation, ISGylation and NEDDylation processes. Using Promega’s AMP-Glo™ technology and an optimized assay protocol, SignalChem has identified and validated a variety of functional combinations of the enzyme components. Each enzyme in the catalytic cascade has been assessed for their activity towards generation of free AMP. In addition, inhibition profiles of the ubiquitinating enzymes have been obtained using the assay system.
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