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BluPAD: Dual LED Blue/White Light Transilluminator
The BluPAD is perfect for observing and analyzing nucleic acids and proteins. A unique, safe, modern and portable mini-darkroom!

Dual Light Sources with adjustable intensity (3 levels):
1. White Light for X-ray films and protein electrophoresis gels
2. LED Blue Light for DNA electrophoresis gels (fluorescent staining)

Bottom-Up LED Illumination prevents the interference from the reflective lights and thus improving the observational and imaging quality. Since based on LED lights, it does not cause damage to the eyes, skin or experiment sample.

Magnetic Light Filter Design (hinges-free) is convenient since the angle can be freely adjusted and minimizes the lid damage risk. Conducting the observation and gel-cutting does not require protective goggles.

Documentation System with your phone - The gel picture can be taken and transmitted wirelessly with any smart phone.

Exquisite and Compact Design offers the ease of mobility and storage.

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BLUltra Prestained Protein Ladder
BLUltra shows better resolution from 95kD - 270kD than competitor products and BLUeye
  • New broad-range protein ladder from 6.5kDa to 270kDa
  • Tri-colors and 10 bands with premium quality
  • Better performance for high molecular weight proteins
  • Ready-to-use
Price Comparison:
Broad Range Protein Size Markers, 500ul
Product Name
BLUltra Prestained Protein Ladder (#PM001-0500)

Color Prestained Protein Standard, Broad Range, 11–245kD (#P7712S)
Thermo Fisher PageRuler™ Prestained Protein Ladder, 10-180 kDa (#26616)
BioRad Precision Plus Protein™ Dual Color Standards (#1610374)
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