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Small RNAs - New Quality Products
Reducing Small RNA Ligation Bias
Small RNA Library Prep Solutions for Illumina® Sequencing
Bioo Scientific’s line of NEXTflex™ Small RNA Kits for Illumina® sequencing are ideal for the conversion of small RNA transcripts into barcoded cDNA libraries for NGS on Illumina sequencing platforms. With the incorporation of randomized adapters to reduce bias and AIR™ Ligase to increase ligation efficiency; the Illumina NEXTflex Small RNA Kit V3 offer better data quality and a greater proportion of productive of sequence reads than any competitive small RNA library prep protocols. Additionally, the NEXTflex™ Small RNA-Seq Kit v3 improves small RNA analysis by making the library prep protocol completely gel-free or allowing for low-input small RNA library preparation. Read White Papers
Library Prep Kits  

- Randomized Adapters
- Reduced Ligation Bias
- Low-input protocols
- Gel-free protocols
- Greater detection rates
- For Illumina®

NEXTflex Small RNA-Seq Kit v3 Pricing
Small RNA-Seq Barcodes for Multiplexing  
NEXTflex Small RNA Barcode Primers Pricing
Barcoded primers for multiplexing libraries.
Supplied in the NEXTflex Small RNA-Seq Kit v3.
Custom AIR Adenylated Linkers Inquire
Predesigned AIR Adenylated Linkers Pricing
AIR Ligase Pricing
Quick-cfDNA/cfRNA™ Serum & Plasma Kit
High yield, NGS-ready, comprehensive cfDNA-cfRNA isolation technology
Recover cfDNA and cfRNA together or separately
  • Robust & High-quality: Robustly purify high-quality cell-free DNA and/or RNA from up to 3ml of various biological fluids
  • Ultra-Pure: Ready for downstream applications, incl. RT-qPCR & NGS
  • Quick & Easy: Simple. No phenol, no protein-precipitation!
Better Performances
  • Much higher yields - View Comparison with Qiagen
  • 515x more microRNA compared to similar products
  • 100x higher microRNA sequence alignment (miRBase)
    compared to Qiagen miRNeasy Serum/Plasma Kit
  • 4x higher microRNA diversity identified in small-RNA seq
    compared to Qiagen miRNeasy Serum/Plasma Kit
Generate Robust Small RNA-Seq Results
  Comparison of total cfRNAs obtained from 4 different donors. Zymo: higher raw read count, higher quality reads, and higher alignment rate to sequence databases.
Direct-zol™ RNA Kits
NGS-Ready RNA from TRIzol® in 7 Minutes!  

Total RNA and small/miRNA from TRIzol without phase separation

Unbiased recovery of small RNAs including miRNA

Details     -    Pricing Non-biased miRNA Recovery
Quick-RNA™ Kits
Extract total RNA (incl. small/micro RNA) from any sample!
NGS-Ready: RNA is ready for all downstream applications!
Details     -    Pricing
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