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Cancer immunotherapy and the cytokine milieu
Featured Cancer Quantibody Multiplex ELISA Array
- Human Cytokine Array Q4000 - Detects 200 human cytokines  -- Array used in the below presented study (left side)
- Human Cytokine Array Q440 - Detects 440 human cytokines -- Array used in the below presented study (right side)
- Human Gastric Caner Biomarker Array Q1 - Detects 5 human gastric cancer biomarker proteins
- Human Immune Checkpoint Molecule Array 1 - Detects 10 human Immune Checkpoint Molecules
- Human Cancer Biomarker Array 1 - Detects 18 human cancer biomarker proteins
Dillman, R. O. et al. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer 6.1 (2018): 19:
The authors used RayBiotech’s Quantibody 200 Biomarker Service (featuring the Human Cytokine Array Q4000) in a human clinical trial comparing autologous tumor cell vaccines (TCV) and autologous dendritic cell  vaccines (DCV) in metastatic melanoma. Read publication
Homicsko, K et al. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2017 35:15:
The authors used the RayBiotech 440 human cytokine array, to compare the response rate of Nivolumab combined with Ipilimumab versus Ipilimumab monotherapy in patients with untreated metastatic melanoma. Read more
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Full Quantitative Proteomics Testing Service
The experienced RayBiotech service department will use the GLP-compliant Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA platform to quantitatively detect inflammatory factors, growth factors, chemokines, receptors and cytokines. Full Testing Service includes sample processing, data analysis, a full report including all raw data and step-by-step calculations and RayBiotech's 5-star technical support!
  Testing Service Array used in Service
CHF per sample
  1000 Human Biomarker Testing Service Human Quantibody Kiloplex Array
  660 Human Biomarkers Testing Service Human Quantibody Cytokine Array Q640
  440 Human Biomarker Testing Service Human Cytokine Array Q440
  200 Human Biomarker Testing Service
Service used in the above presented study (left side)
Human Cytokine Array Q4000
  200 Mouse Biomarker Testing Service Quantibody® Mouse Cytokine Array 4000
  67 Rat Biomarker Testing Service Rat Cytokine Array Q67
Condition: 5 samples minimum for testing service
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