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Double Labeled 2° Antibody
Unique detection method for Western blot

2view™ is an innovative and unique double labeled secondary antibody that enables extended detection within Western blotting.

2view™ secondary antibodies are labeled simultaneously with InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticles for fast visible detection at nanogram level and with horseradish peroxidase (HRP) for chemiluminescent enzymatic detection down to picogram levels of protein.

Thus, 2view™ secondary antibodies offer two modes of detection from a single antibody and on the same blotted membrane:

Comparison between 2view™ and traditional Western blot detection methods
1st level of detection
2nd level of detection
40nm InnovaCoat® GOLD
HRP (ECL Pico)
If the analyte is present down to nanogram level, the InnovaCoat® Gold nanoparticles will visualize a red band visible by naked eye

For lower amounts of analyte (picogram), the membrane can be developed using a chemiluminescent substrate (Expedeon’s LumiBlue ECL Pico Substrate). The HRP signal can be recorded using a CCD camera or an X-Ray film.

Product Details
2View™ Protocol
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LumiBlue ECL Pico   Solution for Western Blotting
Linear response – High sensitivity (2 pg) – Stable solution  – Long lasting signal –
Low background – Wide detection range – Bright bands – Standard protocols
Product Details
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