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Background Buster
Universal Peptide Blocker
for IHC, IF, ELISA, Flow Cytometry & in-situ Probes  
Background or non-specific staining is often observed in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and other immunoassay types such as immunofluorescence (IF), ELISA and flow cytometric assays. INNOVEX's Background Buster prevents background staining with its peptide Blocker technology in tissues and cell preparations stained with antibodies (IHC, IF, ELISA, FC) or with DNA or RNA probes for in-situ procedures.
Background Buster Pricing
  Cat. # Qty CHF
  NB306-7 7ml 126.-
  NB306-50 50ml 332.-
  NB306 125ml 443.-
  NB306-1L 1L 2126.-
Product Details
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  • For all Human and Animal tissues
  • Allows staining of identical species antibodies and tissues (e.g., mouse antibody on mouse tissue, etc.)
  • Short 10 minute incubation step prior to applying 1° antibody or in-situ probe
  • Delivers complete eradication of general background staining
  • Quenches auto & background fluorescence
  • Replaces the use of normal serum, powdered milk and other blocking agents
  • Blocks endogenous biotin - Replaces the use of avidin/biotin block
  • Excellent for both frozen and paraffin sections
  • Excellent for in-situ application
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