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Quick cfDNA/cfRNA Serum & Plasma Kit
Purify cell-free DNA and RNA from <3 ml serum, plasma, amniotic fluid, CSF, saliva or spent media
Product Highlights
  • Ready for NGS: Quality reads that align 100x more efficiently to miRBase. Obtain 3.5x more miRNA diversity!
  • Highest Yields: Efficient isolation of total cell-free RNA. Recover >500 times more miRNA
  • Quick & Easy: Obtain both cfDNA and cfRNA from a single-sample input using simple spin-column based isolation without phenol/chloroform or protein precipitation
100x Greater miRNA Alignment Efficiency  
Supplier Q
% reads passing filters
% align to hg19
% align to miRBase
miRNAs detected
Comparison of small-RNA sequencing results from cfRNA isolated using comparable kits from Zymo Research and Supplier Q. 200 µl plasma samples. Library generation with RealSeq-Biofluids Library Prep Kit (SomaGenics). Ran on MiniSeq System (Illumina). Table shows the average values from four samples.
ZymoPURE II Plasmid Kits:   Midi - Maxi - Giga
Plasmid Purification Reinvented - See how simple plasmid purification could be
  • Ultra-Pure: EndoZero™, vaccine grade, and transfection-ready plasmid DNA in ≤ 20 minutes!
  • Rapidly load onto a spin-column via vacuum or centrifuge. No Gravity Flow!
  • Elute transfection ready plasmid from a spin-column. No Alcohol Precipitation!
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Product Details
Pricing CHF
Supplier Q
6x more Plasmid
0.025 EU/µg Endotoxins
1 µg/µl with Each Elution
100 µl Minimum Elution Volume (Midi)
1,2 mg Yield per Prep (Maxi)
18 min. per Prep
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