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Bringing you the newest technologies for biomedical research
Available Project Types:
Knockouts, Knock-ins, TUNR knockdowns, Point Mutations, Gene Replacements, Humanizations, Tagging, and many more.
Custom-designed CRISPR Complete Kit
Tell us your gene of interest and the mutation you want to make, and experienced team of genetic engineers at CanopyBiosciences will custom-design a CRISPR Complete kit including everything you need, all provided in one simple box:
  • crRNA — custom-designed for your project
  • tracrRNA
  • Cas9 Nuclease Protein
  • Donor construct — custom-designed for your project
    (may be provided as oligonucleotide or plasmid)



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Simply tell us your Gene ID, species and desired project type and we’ll send you everything you need in within 10 working days
NanoString Service:
Precisely Quantify < 800 Genes In A Single Sample
  • Analyze expression of up to 800 mRNAs, miRNAs, DNA regions, or proteins
  • Choose from our predesigned mRNA or miRNA panels or design your own
  • Use NanoString for your challenging FFPE samples
Simply tell us about your project, send us your samples and we will
return a detailed gene expression report in less than 15 working days.
Quickly Detect Of HCPs With A Simple ELISA
Host cells used as expression systems in biopharmaceutical products contain hundreds to thousands of host cell proteins (HCPs). It is crucial to sufficiently remove HCPs from your biologic early, as high concentrations can affect the safety and efficacy of the drug. The FDA regulates that HCPs should be reduced to low levels.
The HCP ELISA detection kits allow you to detect the presence of HCP impurities in your in your gene expression system at any phase of your product development. All reagents needed to quantify host cell protein contamination for up to 24 samples are included.
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