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Firalis is a biotechnology company, creating novel values via biomarker discovery, development and regulatory qualification that ultimately lead to biomarker-based diagnostics

Innovation & Biomarkers
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ELISA Kits -  Validated for biomarker measurement in blood-derived samples
Calponin-1 (CNN-1)
The validation process is compliant with the most stringent requirements of the ISO 17025 norm (GLPC compliant) ensuring the most adapted and reliable analysis tools.
Through binding to Actin, Calmodulin, Troponin C and Tropomyosin, Calponin-1 is postulated to regulate the contractility of smooth muscles and has recently been explored as a circulating marker of arterial damage.
Clusterin (Apolipoprotein J)
Serum Clusterin level was shown to increase significantly in patients with developing coronary heart disease or myocardial infarction. This elevates Clusterin to acirculating biomarker of physiopathology in Heart Failure.
Caldesmon has the potential to serve as a sensitive and specific signal of smooth muscle necrosis in DIVI and in human vascular disease. Recently, Caldesmon was also shown to be implicated in endometriosis and cancer.
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Recombinant Proteins   Monoclonal Antibodies
E.coli expressed Mouse anti Human, for ELISA and WB
ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 ISO:9001 and ISO:13485
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List & Pricing
Genomics, Transcrpitomics
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