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Microglia BioLegend offers a wide range of antibodies, immunoassays and magnetic
cell separation kits to study microglial morphology and function.
  P2RY12 Antibody (clone S16007D)   CX3CR1 Antibody (clone 8E10.D9)
  • Ms mAb specific for murine P2RY12
  • Effective for use in IHC, IF, and FC
  • Pricing & Ordering
Astrocytes BioLegend offers the largest collection of GFAP-specific Sternberger monocl. antibodies (SMI 21-26), which are the gold-standard for IHC visualization of astrocytes. More
GFAP Antibodies

A) Clone SMI 21: FFPE human brain tissue
C) Clone SMI 24: FFPE mouse brain tissue
D) Clone SMI 25: FFPE rat brain tissue

Further clones:  SMI 22  -  SMI 23   -  SMI 26

Oligodendrocytes BioLegend offers several monoclonal antibodies for detection of Myelin
Basic Protein and for visualization of mammalian Myelin CNPase.
Myelin CNPase Antibody
A) Clone SMI 91: FFPE human brain tissue
Myelin Basic Protein Antibodies
C) Clone SMI 94: FFPE human cerebellum
D) Clone SMI 99: Rat brain (MBP = green)
Further clone: Clone P82H9
New NIH Press Release  -  α-Synuclein ELISA kit
BioLegend is a proud participant and sponsor for the MJFF-led Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI). The LEGEND MAX™ Human α-Synuclein ELISA kit has been used extensively in PPMI’s multi-centered studies for the measurement of α-Synuclein in biological samples. Read the NIH press release, the MJFF press release and learn more about the MJFF Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative.
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