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Immunome Protein Arrays
Permanently Reduced Prices!
Probe >1'630 correctly folded, functional proteins
The Immunome Protein Array This array features a unique technology by which only full-length, correctly folded, hence functional proteins are arrayed. The technology relies on the use of a proprietary biotin carboxyl carrier protein (BCCP) tag which monitors correct folding. The Immunome Array is also ideally suited for identifying autoantibody biomarkers for many cancers, autoimmune disorders and metabolic conditions. Read more    -    Pricing
  • Probe 1'631 functional proteins - View List
  • Smaller custom arrays available - Contact us
  • Glass Slide-based, Semi-quantitative
  • Only 22.5 µl of original sample is needed
  • Less than 8-hour processing time
  • No interference between immobilized proteins
  • No dedicated equipment required
No Scanner? No Problem! FREE scanning service!
Protein-antibody interactions
Small-molecule-kinase inhibition
Protein-protein interactions
DNA-binding experiments
Kinase and phosphatase assays
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  - G-Series (semi-quantitative arrays)
- Quantibody (quantitative arrays)
- Glass slide L-Series (label-based arrays)
You will receive a spreadsheet of the complete raw numerical data
in an excel file with PowerPoint images of your slides.
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>2'600 ELISA Kits
Over 2,600 ISO certified and rigorously tested ELISA kits, all backed by a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Read more
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Glycobiology Arrays
RayBio® Glycobiology Arrays are a versatile and innovative series of products designed to detect glycosylation. Read more
Glycan Arrays
Find Glycan binding partners, determine mechanisms of pathogen binding, autoantibodies and microbiological interactions. Pricing
Glycome Arrays
The glycosylation profiles of up to 1000 human proteins can be simultaneously detected. Pricing
Lectin Arrays
Determine the sample glycan profile, determine changes in glycan moieties, find novel glycan ligands. Pricing

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