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DNA/RNA Shield™
All-in-one stabilisation of DNA and RNA
Accommodates any sample
... for nucleic acid stability during sample storage/transport at ambient temperatures
  • Effectively lyses cells and preserves genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples (cells, tissues, blood, plasma, serum, saliva, urine, feces etc.) at ambient temperatures
  • Inactivates nucleases and infectious agents (bacteria, fungus, parasites, protists & viruses)
  • Compatible with various collection and storage devices. No need for refrigeration or specialized equipment.
  • Direct DNA/RNA isolation without precipitation or reagent removal (compatible with most DNA / RNA purification kits)
  • Ready for all downstream applications incl. NGS, Arrays, rtPCR etc.
Cellular RNA is effectively stabilised in DNA/RNA Shield™ at ambient temperature. RNA was purified from cells (HCT 116) stored in DNA/RNA Shield™ at the designated times (days).
DNA/RNA Shield™
DNA/RNA transport medium for any sample. Custom fill in any device. More
  DNA/RNA Shield™:
all-purpose lysis reagent
  R1100-50 50 mL 106.-
  R1100-250 250 mL 365.-
  DNA/RNA Shield™ (2X conc.):
for biological liquids at 1:1 ratio
  R1200-25 25 mL 102.-
  R1200-125 125 mL 351.-
Streamlined Purification: No Reagent Removal. Simple, direct purification using Zymo Research or most other commercial Purification Products.
Sample Collection Devices
Collection Tube
  2ml screwcap tube prefilled with 1ml DNA/RNA Shield for collection of any sample. More
Lysis Tubes
(3 formats)
  For any sample (Microbe, tissue, environmental samples, blood, cells, etc.). 2ml screwcap tube prefilled with 1ml DNA/RNA Shield and ultra-high density Bashingbeads™ for homogenization. More
Blood Collection Tube
  A sterile evacuated blood collection tube (10ml) prefilled with 6ml DNA/RNA Shield™. More
Fecal Collection Tube
  15ml tube prefilled with 9ml DNA/RNA Shield™ equipped with scoop attached to screwcap for convenient sample collection. More
Swab Collection Tube
  A sterilized screwcap tube prefilled with DNA/RNA Shield™ (1 or 2 ml). Contains a sterile nylon swab. More

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