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New with us:
20% Introductionary Discount
Offer valid from 26.01.2018 until 28.02.2018 for all GenomeMe Products.
Not summable with other discounts.
GeneAb™ recombinant monoclonal antibodies
Engineered to deliver consistent, specific and sensitive stains for confident diagnosis
Mouse monoclonal GeneAb™ Her2/Neu [IHC002] on Breast. IVD/RUO
Pricing   -   Datasheet
Mouse monoclonal GeneAb™ Ki-67 [IHC067] on Cervical.
Pricing   -   Datasheet
Mouse monoclonal GeneAb™ PD-1 [IHC001] on Tonsil.
Pricing   -   Datasheet
TIM3 Unique!
Mouse monoclonal GeneAb™ TIM3 [IHC003] on Kidney.
Pricing   -   Datasheet
245 more recomb. Antibodies coming soon! View them
BRAF V600E Unique!
Mouse monoclonal GeneAb™ BRAF V600E [IHC600] on Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma.
MSH2 Unique!
Mouse monoclonal GeneAb™ MSH2 [IHC410] on Colon.
MLH1 Unique!
Mouse Monoclonal GeneAb™ MLH1 [IHC409] on Tonsil
PMS2 Unique!
Mouse monoclonal GeneAb™ PMS2 [IHC412] on Cervical Cancer.

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