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Flow Cytometry Calibration Particles and Kits
Extensively used by many laboratories for routine calibration of flow cytometers      Read more
Sphero™ Rainbow Calibration Particles
Spherotech 8 peak rainbow calibration particles (RCP-30-5A) data for 3 laser 10 color detectors. Data provided by University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center.
  • Multiple fluorophores incorporated in the same particle to be used in multiple channels (FITC, PE, PE-TR, PE-Cy5, and APC)
  • Available with different fluorescent intensities on the same size particles
  • Available: 4, 6 or 8 peaks
  • Stable for several years. Withstand repeated freezing and thawing
  • Can be reused!
  • Can be sanitized by treating with 70% ethanol
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Sphero™ Rainbow Calibration Particles (8 peaks), 3.0 - 3.4 µm, 5ml
BD Biosciences
Sphero™ Ultra Rainbow Calibration KIts
Individual peaks representing various fluorescence intensities in Rainbow Calibration Particles (URCP-50-2K) on a BD Bioscience LSRFortessaTM X-20
  • Consists of one bead with multiple fluorophores and intensities for calibration in all channels of the flow cytometer
  • Designed for routine calibration and long term performance tracking
  • Used to optimize the linearity, resolution and sensitivity
  • Simplifies the calibration in the UV, Violet, Far Red, and IR channels.
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Flow Cytometry Alignment Particles
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Flow Cytometry Multiplex Bead Assay Particles

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