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GenScript Protein Purification Resins
Simplify your purification task
GenScript provides a variety of simple-to-use affinity purification resins for batch/gravity purification, allowing for efficient, convenient and reliable separation of proteins and antibodies from your crude sample for further applications. Read more
  • Excellent affinity chromatography media for protein and antibody purification
  • Fast and simple procedures for batch or gravity-flow operation
  • High binding capacity with ultra low nonspecific binding
  • Compatible with a variety of sample formats and buffer additives
  • Boosted cost-effectiveness due to reusability for several times
Epitope Tag Antibody Family
The most comprehensive tag antibody pool
GenScript offers highly specific antibodies to all common epitope tags (>40 different tags). Epitope tag antibodies are manufactured under extensive quality control to ensure optimal sensitivity and consistent high performance. For many tags, THE™ Elite Antibodies that have the best known performance in the industry are available. Read more
THE™ Elite Antibodies
The best quality antibodies in industry
2° Antibodies
Promo reminder: 20%
Precast Gels
High resolution & robust separation
Isolated from cell lines that show the highest specificity against the corresponding immunogens, THE™ stands for THE unmistakable, THE irreplaceable, and THE best quality in the industry.

There are major categories:
Tag & Cell Marker Antibodies, Loading Control Antibodies, and Assay Antibodies. Read more
GenScript's Bis-Tris precast gel series are high performance polyacrylamide gels that are designed to separate a wide range of protein sizes by electrophoresis. Details
ExpressPlus: good quality, cost-effective

SurePAGE™: Premium gels, higher resolution and reproducibility

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