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Simple Workflow  -  Don't wait for gravity  -  Midi / Maxi in 18 minutes
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                                   Save > 1hr!

Good-bye gravity flow: EZ-Load™ technology replaces slow gravity flow columns with rapid binding and washing using a vacuum or centrifuge

No alcohol precipitation: EZ-Elute™ system allows to elute highly concentrated plasmid DNA using a microcentrifuge

No lenghty incubations: EndoZero™ Filter removes endotoxins with just a simple 1 minute spin
Transfection Grade  -  EndoZero  -  Endotoxins below FDA Limit for Vaccines
- Sensitive Transfection
- Generate Transgenic Organism
- Microinjection of Embryos
- In Vivo & Gene Thearpy
- Vaccine Grade
- Virus Production
- Cell-Free Protein Synthesis
- In Vitro Transcription
- Site-Directed Mutagenesis
- Sequencing, PCR, Cloning
Highest Yields  -  Highest Concentrations
6x more Plasmid
0.025 EU/µg Endotoxins
1 µg/µl with Each Elution
100 µl Minimum Elution Volume (Midi)
1,2 mg Yield per Prep (Maxi)
18 min. per Prep
Maxi Prep Manual
Midi Prep Manual
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