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Fair Prices for Small Molecules
Inflammation / Immunology
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CAS: 99011-02-6    Purity: 99.57%
Target: Autophagy, Toll-like Receptor
An immune response modifier that acts as a TLR7 agonist. More
MCE (Lucerna)
Sigma Aldrich
86.- / 200mg
365.70 / 200mg
CAS: 162011-90-7    Purity: 99.81%
Target: COX
A potent inhibitor of the COX-2-dependent production of PGE2. More
MCE (Lucerna)
Sigma Aldrich
73.- / 100mg
(HY-17372 )
285.50 / 50mg
Plerixafor octahydrochloride
HY-50912 Topseller!
CAS: 155148-31-5    Purity: 98.90%
Target: CXCR
A selective CXCR4 antagonist. More
MCE (Lucerna)
Sigma Aldrich
84.- / 10mg
144.50 / 5mg
Neurological Disease
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CAS: 2468-21-5    Purity: 99.88%
Target: nAChR
Catharanthine inhibits nicotinic receptor mediated diaphragm contractions. More
MCE (Lucerna)
Sigma Aldrich
66.- / 50mg
234.50 / 50mg
Lumateperone (Tosylate)
HY-19733 Topseller!
CAS: 1187020-80-9    Purity: 98.22%
Target: 5-HT & Dopamine Receptor
Antagonist of 5-HT2A and postsyn. D2 receptors. Partial agonist of presyn. D2 receptors. SERT blocker. More
MCE (Lucerna)
Sigma Aldrich
198.- / 10mg
(HY-19733 )
not available
Vigabatrin (γ-Vinyl-GABA)
HY-15399 Topseller!
CAS: 68506-86-5     Purity: >98.0%
Target: GABA Receptor
Irreversibly inhibits the catabolism of GABA by GABA transaminase. More
MCE (Lucerna)
Sigma Aldrich
86.- / 10mg
154.- / 10mg

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