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Non-Human Primate (NHP) Research

Non-human primates are an important animal model for several diseases, but research can be stifled by a lack of available reagents. BioLegend provides a large selection of antibody clones with known reactivity to a variety of non-human primates.

A collaborator used the LEGENDScreen™ Human PE Kit and tested its antibodies against a variety of non-human primate species while simultaneously analyzing which cell populations expressed the markers.

Use the chart on the NHP page to find specificities of interest for your immunology research.

  LEGENDplex™ NHP Panels:     NHP Antibodies:
Improved LEGENDScreen™ Kits
BioLegend's LEGENDScreen™ kits provide pre-titrated, lyophilized PE-antibodies prepared in 96-well plates and provide an easy method to assess a large amount of cell surface markers on your cells of interest. Now, LEGENDScreen™ kits include more markers while providing the convenience of the original kit:
True-Nuclear™ Transcription Factor Buffer Set

BioLegend's True-Nuclear™ Transcription Factor Buffer Set has been specially formulated for intracellular staining with minimum effect on the surface fluorochrome staining.

See the advantages of True-Nuclear™ Transcription Factor Buffer Set in this brief webinar: biolegend.com/true_nuclear_webinar.

Human peripheral blood lymphocytes were surface stained with CD3 APC and then treated with True-Nuclear™ Transcription Factor Buffer Set. Cells were then stained with T-bet (clone 4B10) Brilliant Violet 421™.

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