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NGS Library Prep Kits & Adapters for Multiplexing
Library Prep & Barcode Kits for Illumina® Platforms
Library Prep & Barcode Kits for Ion Torrent™ Platforms
NGS Automation Solutions
Nucleic Acid Isolation for NGS
Bioo Scientific provides a complete portfolio of NGS library prep and multiplexing kits designed to increase the sensitivity, flexibility and speed of library prep for the Illumina® and Ion Torrent™ sequencing platforms:
  • Whole Genome Sequencing: The identifications of the entire genome sequence of a given individual or organism
  • Targeted Resequencing: a highly targeted approach to analyzing specific genomic regions using amplicon panels
  • SNP Genotyping: The identification of variation in genetic sequences
  • Metagenome Analysis: The study of uncultured bacteria, fungus and micro-eukaryotic organisms
  • Epigenetics: The study of chemical reactions that activate & deactivate parts of the genome at strategic times and in specific locations
  • Gene Expression & Transcriptome Profiling: The analysis of the expression level of RNAs in a given cell or population of cells
Recent Blog Posts
The use of molecular indexing technology (unique molecular labels, UMIs, stochastic labels, molecular labels) can be an important tool for identifying and correcting PCR duplicates in NGS data analysis. While small RNA sequencing is known to suffer from substantial bias, it has been shown by multiple groups that this bias is the result of ligation steps, rather than PCR amplification.
We also demonstrated this independently in this whitepaper, Reduced-Bias Small RNA Library Preparation with Gel-Free or Low-Input Options.
  Plant miRNAs have a 2’-O-methylation which reduces ligation efficiency of the 3’ OH, making plant miRNA libraries difficult to generate. Here, we show that miRNA profiling from agricultural crops using total RNA inputs can be successfully achieved using the NEXTflex Small RNA Sequencing Kit v3, without a PAGE gel purification step, and that extending the ligation incubation step increases library yield. To learn more about this bias-reducing technology and how it can be used to increase the efficiency and discovery of miRNAs for small RNA NGS sequencing library prep with plant samples, read our recent White Paper.

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