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NutriStem® V9 XF
A defined, xeno-free, serum-free culture medium
for hPSC using vitronectin
  • Supports the growth and expansion of hPSC using vitronectin and enzyme-free passage using EDTA
  • Contains only the essential components required for long-term maintenance of hES and hiPS cells
  • Superior proliferation rates during long-term cultures (20 passages)
  • Maintaining the pluripotency of the cells at high passages
  • Allows culture of hPSC in vitronectin pre-coated culture,
    OR direct addition of vitronectin to the medium
    (no need for pre-coating)
  • Applicable for EBs formation, reprogramming, and differentiation
  • Long Weekend-free  (up to 60 hours)
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NutriStem® V9 XF medium shows superior proliferation rate in long-term culture (over 20 passages)
High expression of pluripotent stem cell markers in cells cultured in NutriStem® V9 XF medium on vitronectin
  Product Art.no. QTY
  NutriStem V9 XF Basal Medium 05-105-1A 500 ml   Two-component kit. Please order both components for totally CHF 242.-  
  NutriStem® V9 XF Supplement Mix 05-106-1F 1 ml    
  Vitronectin ACF 05-754-0002 200 µg   Auxiliaries  
  0.5M EDTA solution 01-862-1B 100 ml    
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