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RunBlue™ Bis-Tris Protein Gels
Finally a proper alternative to NuPAGE® Bis-Tris gels!  
  • Don't change a thing: Same voltages, times, buffers and same gel tank!
  • Don't compromise on results: Exceptional reproducibility and resolution
  • Get added benefits: comb free, strip free, tear proof gels
  • Save Money: significantly lower prices for gels and buffers
  • More info   &   Pricing
  TruePrime™ Liquid Biopsy  
A ready-to-use amplification kit for cell-free DNA  
TruePrime™ LB Kit provides a unique DNA amplification approach for ctDNA population detection and amplification within the general population of cell-free DNA. A superior tool for the clinical research on tumor development.
  • Excellent sensitivity, reproducibility and coverage with little bias
  • No primer artefacts
  • Preserves SNVs & SNV frequencies across sequencing technologies
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  TrueAdvance Whole Genome Amplification Services
A unique service set of expertise, technologies, and competitive pricing for single-cell genomics, ctDNA and any other low-level DNA analysis.
  • Get amplification without random primers bias & Genome coverage QC by PCR-panel
  • Only pay for amplification of samples with high genome coverage
  • Avoid wasting time and money sequencing samples with poor genome coverage
  • Read more   &   Please inquire
  TrueHelix - Free Bioinformatics Tools for NGS analysis

TrueHelix is a new, totally free bioinformatics service platform on the Expedeon website, that is focussed towards NGS providers or individual users to provide tools to help analyse sequencing data.

  TruePure - Contamination Analysis Check if your NGS sequences show any kind of contamination with sequences from species which should not be there.  
  TruePlane - Evenness of Coverage Check the evenness of coverage for your NGS data  
  TrueSplit - Splitting tool To analyze all data in a large sequence, split the reads (*.fastq) with our downloadable TrueSplit!  

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