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  Fc Receptor Blocker 
  No More Fc Receptor Staining, No More Background!
Blocks all different types of Fc receptors present on human and animal tissues!
  • Does not contain antibodies, serum, immunoglobulins or immunoglobulin fragments
  • Applicable to IHC, IF, flow cytometry and functional live cell assays
  • Also available in azide-free format
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Fc Receptor Blocker
Cat. # Qty CHF
NB309-5 5ml 146.-
NB309-15 15ml 425.-
NB309-30 30ml 581.-
NB309 60ml 881.-
Fc Receptor Blocker Azide Free
Cat. # Qty CHF
NB335 30 ml 625.-
    Antifadent Mountant Solutions
    Reduces the photo-bleaching or fading of fluorescence of dyes.
    Read more, Choosing Guide
    The most frequently used Citifluor solution is AF1, a non-hardening glycerol-PBS solution containing an amine antifadent.
Product Cat. # Qty CHF
Citifluor AF1 17970-25 25ml 42.-
17970-100 100ml 123.-

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