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Validated primers for qPCR
  • Validated primer sets for quantitative real-time PCR
  • Optimized for Eva®- or SYBR®-Green method
  • 50uM (40ul) solution containing fwd and rev primers
  • 1000x 20µL reactions can be performed with each set
  • Amplified fragments: 100-300bp
Libraries of targeted qPCR primer sets (stock-plate)
  • Perform up to 200 qPCR Arrays with one stock-plate!
  • From 465.-/stock-plate! That's 2.35 CHF/array
  • Stock-plate: 88 targeted plus 8 housekeeping gene primer sets (20ul per well, 10uM)
  • Optimized for Eva®- or SYBR®-Green method
  • Over 60 cell pathways & processes available
  • Customized arrays available

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