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Full Quantitative Proteomics Testing Service
Full Quantitative Proteomics Testing Services
The experienced RayBiotech service department will use the GLP-compliant Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA platform to quantitatively detect inflammatory factors, growth factors, chemokines, receptors and cytokines.
  • As little as CHF 0.50 per cytokine!
  • Sensitivity of ELISA!
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Testing Services
Promo CHF
1000 Human Biomarkers - Kiloplex
640 Human Biomarkers
440 Human Biomarkers
200 Human Biomarkers
200 Mouse Biomarkers
67 Rat Biomarkers
* 5 samples minimum for testing services. Prices are quoted per sample.
Valid until 10.05.2017. Not summable with other discounts. Contact for Quantitative Proteomics Kits and Testing Services.
Interrogating the Tumor Microenvironment:
Tools to Reach Wider and Dig Deeper
Gaining an understanding of tumor microenvironments and cancer drug resistance can be greatly facilitated by probing cytokine expression and glycosylation signatures. Cancer cells express a unique profile of proteins that play crucial roles in cell growth, survival, and reprogramming of accessory cell populations for drug resistance and immunologic avoidance. Built on the high-density Quantibody platform, the Kiloplex Quantibody array gives full quantification of 1000 human proteins.
Focused Arrays to Detect Cancer-Related Markers:
Cancer Glycosylation Signatures:
Hiding in Plain Sight

Tumor cell surface proteins are also decorated with unique sugars that prevent immune cells from recognizing them as aberrant or foreign. These glycans not only act as immune-silencing molecular “disguises”, but can promote a variety of tumorigenic activities such as adhesion, proliferation, and survival.

RayBiotech has developed a range of Glycobiology Arrays, which are designed to screen glycan-protein interactions or identify specific sugars present in a sample. Explore


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