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Immune Checkpoint Products  
Product Cat # Applications Price CHF
ICOSL Stable Cell Line 14-504ACL Functional Assay 1459.-
CTLA4 Stable Cell Line 14-506ACL Functional Assay 1459.-
PD-L1 Stable Cell Line 14-501ACL Functional Assay 1459.-
Mouse monocl. antibody to B7-H4 10-4172 IHC, FACS, WB 121.- (25ug), 302.- (100ug)
Mouse monocl. antibody to PD-L1 10-7599 IHC, FACS, WB 121.- (25ug), 348.- (100ug)
Human PD-L1 Pre-Coated ELISA Kit 90-2393 ELISA 574.-
recmAb™: Recombinant Antibodies  
Recombinant antibodies are constructed in vitro, outside the constraints of the immune system, using recombinant DNA technologies. Abeomics is in the process of converting all their monoclonal antibodies (rb, ms & gt) produced by hybridoma technology to recombinant monoclonal antibodies (recmAb™). Please inquire for Pricing
recmAb Rabbit Browse (213 so far) recmAb Mouse Browse (13 so far) recmAb Goat Browse (10 so far)
  • Consistent results
  • No lot-to-lot variations
  • Improved sensitivity and specificity
  • Animal-free high-throughput production
  • Useful in therapeutics

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