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Neuroinflammation is a common feature of many diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), including neurodegenerative disorders. A combination of responses from neurons, microglia, astrocytes and peripheral immune cells along with cytokines, chemokines and the complement system constitute the basis for neuroinflammation. BioLegend offers multiple solutions to assess inflammation in the CNS:
  • Assess immune cell activation
  • Quantitate the levels of inflammatory mediators
  • Evaluate cell death
  • Detect synaptic loss and neuronal degeneration
Featured Products
Perform IHC staining using specific cellular markers to detect microglia and astrocytes to analyse cellular phenotype and location.
Detect neuronal loss using IHC and antibodies that are commonly used as specific neuronal cell markers.
Utilize antibodies visualizing synapses, axons and dendrites to assess neuronal and synaptic integrity in tissue sections and cell culture models.
Microglia Marker
IHC staining of anti-CX3CR1 antibody (clone 8E10.D9) on FFPE human brain.
Astrocyte Marker
IHC staining of anti-GFAP antibody (clone MCA-5C10) on FFPE rat brain.
Neuron Marker
IHC staining of anti-NeuN antibody (clone 1B7) on FFPE human brain.
Dopaminergic Neuron Marker
IHC staining of anti-Tyrosine Hydroxylase antibody (clone 2/40/15) on FFPE rat brain.
Post-Synaptic Marker
IHC staining of anti-PSD-95 antibody (clone K28/43) on FFPE rat brain tissue.
Axonal Marker
IHC staining of anti-Neurofilament antibody (clone SMI 312) on rat brain tissue.
Discover the more intricate mechanisms of neuronal injury, inflammation pathways, and microglial activation by browsing BioLegend's neuroinflammation webpage.

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