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MagSi-protein A & G: Convenient tool for immunoprecipitation and IgG purification
Magnetic silica particles with high quality recombinant Protein A or G covalently bound to the particle surface. Intended for IgG purification purposes, immunoprecipitation, or other downstream use including antibody screening, protein interaction studies, phage display, immunoassays, and cell isolation.
MagSi-protein A Pricing Datasheet
MagSi-protein G Pricing Datasheet
MagSi-IVD Trial kit:  
Screen for the correct bead  
Offers the opportunity of screening 8 different types of strepatvidin beads in parallel. After selecting the correct bead, you can order larger amounts of that specific bead type HERE.
MagSi-IVD Trial Kit Pricing Datasheet
MagSi-Direct 1.0 & 3.0:  
Couple the biological molecule of your choice
MagSi-Direct is a ready to use coupling kit, enabling immobilization of your specific biological molecule to a magnetic support. Just magnetize your molecule to unleash the power of magnetic bead technology! More
MagSi-DIrect 1.0 Pricing Datasheet
MagSi-Direct 3.0 Pricing Datasheet
MagSi-DNA Trial Kit:  
Screen 8 types of MagSi-DNA beads
MagSi-DNA trial kit offers a set of the 8 types of MagSi beads for screening for your correct beads in genomic applications. Perfect for the development of new extraction and purification protocols or replacement of the existing protocol.
MagSi-DNA trial kit Pricing Datasheet
MagSi-DNA extraction kits:  
Very felxible  -  Easy to automate
MagSi-DNA extraction kits have a very flexible setup and are very easy to automate, therefore they are ideal for high-throughput labs
MagSi-gDNA Blood kit Pricing Datasheet
MagSi-gDNA Saliva kit Pricing Datasheet
MagSi-gDNA Vegetal kit Pricing Datasheet

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