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Explore the JAK/STAT Pathway
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Correct regulation of the JAK/STAT pathway is critical to hematopoiesis, immune development, growth, adipogenesis, mammary gland development, lactation, and other processes. Dysregulation results in a variety of inflammatory diseases, hematological malignancies, and other maladies. Many components of the JAK/STAT circuitry and their upstream receptors can be studied in their active or inactive states:
  ELISAs:     Antibody Arrays:
  JAK1 (Phospho)     RTK Phosphorylation Array
  JAK2 (Phospho)     EGFR Phosphorylation Array
  JAK3 (Phospho)     Growth Factor Arrays
  Tyk2 (Phospho)     Receptor Array
  STAT1 (Cell-based & Phospho)     Recombinant Proteins:
  STAT3 (Sandwich, Cell-Based & Phospho)     SOCS (230-00774)
  STAT6 (Cell-Based & Phospho)     Ubiquitin (230-00552)
  Ubiquitin (Sandwich)     Antibodies:
  Proteasome (Sandwich)     Sumo-1
  SHP-1 (Sandwich & Phospho)     Sumo-2
  SHP-2 (Cell-Based & Phospho)     Sumo-3
  SRC (Sandwich & Phospho)     STAT2
References: Journal of Clinical Investigation, Hepatology, Human Reproduction, PLoS One, Clinical and Experimental Immunology, Experimental Cell Research
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