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recmAb™: Recombinant Antibodies
Recombinant antibodies are constructed in vitro, outside the constraints of the immune system, using recombinant DNA technologies. Abeomics is in the process of converting all their monoclonal antibodies (rb, ms & gt) produced by hybridoma technology to recombinant monoclonal antibodies (recmAb™).      Browse (234 so far)            Pricing
  • Consistent results
  • No lot-to-lot variations
  • Improved sensitivity and specificity
  • Animal-free high-throughput production
  • Useful in therapeutics
Leeporter™ Reporter Cell Lines
...an easy way to study cellular functions to external stimuli
Abeomics’ proprietary Reporter Cell Lines provide the most advanced system available for screening STATs, Treg, Th17, TLR, DC-SIGN, Tim-1 and inflammatory pathway mediators. New and unique Leeporter™ Stable Reporter Cell lines include target promoters or upstream response elements for TLRs/RLRs, GPCR, RORs, IL-17A, IL-8, IL-6, p53, Nrf2, Wnt, STAT-1, -3, -4 and -5, NFAT, NF-kB, and more, which drive Renilla Luciferase reporter gene expression. Abeomics is rapidly adding related modulators, compound libraries and new Reporter Cell Lines...
  • Validated by extensive functional characterization
  • Broad working range dynamics
  • High sensitivity
  • High-throughput screening of small molecules
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