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Antibodies are essential tools for both basic and clinical research. However, there has been growing distrust of commercially available antibodies with regard to specificity and performance variability. As a result, the research community and funding agencies have demanded that antibody suppliers increase their efforts to more thoroughly validate their products. One approach to address this is through knockdown or knockout of the target protein by RNAi- or CRISPR-mediated technologies.
In support of this goal, GeneTex is conducting knockdown-based validation as a fundamental component of their antibody quality assurance process. To date, we have evaluated over two hundred of our most popular products covering multiple research topics. GeneTex will continue to expand these efforts in the future.
KO/KD validated Highlights
p53 antibody [D01]
PARP antibody [N2C1], Internal
Caspase 3 antibody
FOXO3A antibody [C3], C-term
IDH1 antibody
IDH2 antibody [GT673]
Citrate synthetase antibody [N2C3]
Glutamine synthetase antibody
Epithelial–mesenchymal transition
E-Cadherin antibody
Vimentin antibody [GT812]
αSMA antibody
STAT3 antibody [C3], C-term
Neurodegenerative diseases
SOD1 antibody
Huntingtin antibody
HMGB1 antibody
GSK3 beta antibody [C1C3]
FOXO3A antibody [C3], C-term   HMGB1 antibody  
Citrate synthetase Ab [N2C3]   PARP antibody [N2C1], Internal  
Calnexin antibody [C3], C-term   b-Catenin Ab [N1N2-2], N-term  

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