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Recombinant Antibodies
Chimerzation - Humanization - Isotype Switching - Subtype Switching - Fc-Fusions...
At Absolute Antibody they have developed a proprietary cloning system to enable rapid reformatting of antibodies into almost any format. Browse...  



Species Switchingthe chimeric antibodies (cAbs) are made by fusing the antigen binding regions from one species, with the constant domain (effector region) from another species, what can be useful e.g. to increase compatibility of reagents between species and reduce unwanted immune reactions.
IgG subtype switching – replacing Fc domain of antibody whilst maintaining the variable, antigen binding regions.
Isotype / Class Switching - Alter the isotype or subtype to change the in vivo effector function and stability or to prevent aggregation. Or perhaps you would like to convert your IgG to an IgM for increased avidity?
Nullifying Effector Function – abolish binding of Fc domain to FcγR or C1q using the Absolute Antibody's Fc Silent™ genetically engineered Fc domain (patent in progress).
Extending the Plasma Half-life – mutations at the interface between the CH2 and CH3 domains can enhance IgG1 serum half-life in vivo. Absolute Antibody tailors the plasma half-life of any of the catalogued antibodies or an antibody based on sequences provided by customers.
Fc-fusion Proteins – you may also be interested in the range of Fc-Fusion proteins, composed of the Fc domain of IgG genetically linked to a peptide or protein of interest.
Humanization - humanization service for antibodies from any species.
Reformatting - In certain situations antibody fragments offer an ideal alternative to full length antibodies. Or you may need a bispecific antibody capable of binding two antigens simultaneously?
Chimeric monoclonal antibodies (cAb)

A major advantage of using sequenced and engineered recombinant antibodies is the ability to create chimeric antibodies.

Absolute Antibody offers a range of recombinant chimeric antibodies and fusion proteins for in vivo and in vitro applications. Their antibody engineering platform allows them to quickly generate chimeric versions of any monoclonal antibody in their catalog. Read more...

Absolute Antibody offers a range of species specific and genetically engineered Fc domains (Fc Silent™) and species and isotype switching. Browse...

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