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  • Very small sample volume required (22.5 ul)
  • Less than 8-hr processing time
  • No interference between immobilized proteins (unlike bead-based multiplex assays)
  • No dedicated equipment required
  • Protein-antibody interactions
  • Small-molecule-kinase inhibition experiments - UNIQUE!
  • Protein-protein interactions - Better than Y2H, NATIVE proteins!
  • DNA-binding experiments
  • Methylation assays
BCCP-Technology: Only correctly folded proteins are bound to the slide
Correctly folded, functional proteins are immobilized onto a solid glass slide surface. Each protein is attached to the streptavidin-coated slide exclusively via the biotin carboxyl carrier protein (BCCP) affinity tag. BCCP must be folded into its native 3-dimensional structure in order to become biotinylated. If the expressed protein mis-folds, the BCCP tag will also mis-fold. If the protein folds correctly, then folding of the BCCP tag is unhindered and biotinylation will result.
On the standard array, 1631 proteins are spotted , but smaller custom arrays are also available.

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