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New Releases May 2016: 
METTL Gene Family

Epigenetic modifications to DNA and proteins by RNA methyltransferases regulate diverse biological processes, including the addition of a methyl group to adenosine at the N6 position (m6A), shown to be required for maintaining the pluripotent state of embryonic stem cells.

The fine balance of m6A levels influences RNA splicing, mRNA degradation and protein translation. Not surprisingly, increased m6A levels have been observed in cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.
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METTL1 Protein   NUAK2 (K81R), Unactive
METTL2A Protein   RIPK2 (K47A), Unactive
METTL3 Protein   SETD1A (KMT2F) Protein
METTL14 Protein   SETD2 (KMT3A) Protein
MLL1 (KMT2A) Protein   SGK1, Active
MLL2 (KMT2D) Protein   SGK1, Unactive
MLL3 (KMT2C) Protein   TNF-beta Pricing
RNA Methylation. METTL3, METLL14 (both catalytic) and WTAP (regulatory subunit) form the methyltransferase complex that catalyzes the m6A methylation. RNA methyltransferases are antagonized by demethylases such as FTO.
Cancers can corralate with increased m6A levels.
New Releases April 2016:    PP2Aalpha/PPP2R1A
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Multiple isoforms and splicing variants for each subunit of the PP2A complex, result in a variety of compositions that perform different biological functions. Mutations in the PP2A-A alpha subunit are prevalent in human cancers, including those of breast, skin, lung and ovaries.
PP2A is a ubiquitously expressed Ser/Thr phosphatase that consists of three subunits (A, B, C).
PP2A alpha/PPP2R1A Complex, Active MEK3 (MAP2K3), Unactive
EGFR Mutant (A767_S768insTLA) Protein MEK4 (MAP2K4), Unactive
EGFR Mutant (V769_D770insGE) Protein MEK6 (MAP2K6), Unactive
BRD3 Protein PTPRJ (CD148), Active
KSR1, Unactive Ret Mutant (S904A), Active
KSR2, Unactive Pricing
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