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T Cell Stimulation & Expansion:
Fully reversible CD3/CD28 Streptamers®
Unique flexibility - Precise control - Excellent pricing  
The new IBA Kit Streptamers® for T cell expansion (Capacity: 1.6 x10e7 cells) uses novel, non-magnetic soluble protein complexes. In contrast to conventional T cell expansion systems, using magnetic beads that can not be completely removed from the cells, the Streptamers® have the following unique features:
  Fully removable reagents: addition of biotin mildly & completely removes ALL reagents from the cells. Details
Extent of stimulation / expansion can be precisely controlled: Biotin stops the reaction at any time point.
• Use CD3/CD28 Streptamers® for T cell expansion to modify the CD3:CD28 Fab-Strep ratio.
• Use Streptamer® CD3/CD28 premix for T cell expansion for a quick protocol with ready-to-use reagents.
Excellent Pricing! HERE 
Cell isolation /detection:
Fully reversible
MHC I and Fab Streptamers®
Modular reagents - Highly competitive prices
  MHC I Streptamer® for CD8+ T cells     Fab Streptamers® for lymphocytes
  Magnetic MHC I Streptamers® (Magnetic Isolation)     Magnetic Fab Streptamers ® (Magnetic Isolation)
Compatible with Miltenyi magnetic columns.
You need:
Antigen-specific MHC I-Strep®
Strep-Tactin® magnetic nanobeads
• For removal: Streptamer® Solution Set or D-biotin
Magnetic Fab Streptamers are microbeads, which are less stimulating than nanobeads (e.g. Miltenyi "Microbeads" are nanobeads). High purity and yield. Sequential positive magnetic selections are possible!
You need:

Ready-to-use isolation kits (incl. D-biotin for removal)
• Permanent magnet (i.e. IBA´s StrepMan, hand-held)

  Fluorescent MHC I Streptamers® (detection, sorting)     Fluorescent Fab Streptamers® (staining, sorting)
Streptamers are >8-mers (competitor: 5-mers) allowing accurate and highly specific detection. Select cells with high affinities against cells with low affinities for the MHC!
You need:
Antigen-specific MHC I-Strep®
Strep-Tactin® for MHC I Streptamers, PE or APC labeled
• For removal: Streptamer® Solution Set or D-biotin
Fully reversible staining for FACS sorting
You need:

Strep-Tactin® for Fab Streptamers, PE or APC labeled


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