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The Quick-DNA™ Universal Kit is the only kit you will ever need to isolate high-quality genomic, mitochondrial and/or viral DNA from any sample source! Elute it in as little as 35µl!
  • One kit for all of your DNA purification needs
  • Reliable and consistent DNA yields
  • Ultra-pure RNA-free DNA for all downstream applications
  • No wash buffer carryover. DNA is inhibitor-free!
  • No phenol or other organic solvents required
  • Available in spin column and 96-Well formats
  1. Use the standard protocol for any biological fluid, cells or solid tissue samples including whole blood, plasma, serum, saliva, mammalian cells, tailsnips, earpunches, and other organ biopsies.
  2. Tweak the protocol a bit to isolate DNA from FFPE samples, hair and feathers.
  3. Use the kit in conjunction with Zymo’s BashingBead™ Module to efficiently process tough-to-lyse samples including fungus, feces, plants and seeds, or bacteria.
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Zymo Research
Input Material
any biological fluid (blood, swabs, saliva, serum,...), cells, solid tissue, FFPE tissue, hair, feather
Input amount
200ul fluid / 25mg tissue / 5x10e6 cells
DNA Purity
Ultra-pure RNA-free DNA. No wash buffer carryover.
Complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors. Not completely RNA-free (see image)
High-purity gDNA. Minimal contamination from RNA
DNA Yield
e.g. Human blood 3-7ug
e.g. Human blood 4-12ug
e.g. Human blood 3-10ug
Min. Elution Vol.
DNA Size
fragments over 50kb
up to 50kb
fragments from 20 -50kb
DNA Types
genomic, mitochondrial, plasmid, viral, parasitic, microbial, etc
612.- (200 preps)
1167.- (250 preps)
946.- (250 preps)
3.06  View Pricing

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