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Minimal Spillover into APC
Great stability: 80 days at 37°C!
Brighter than APC/H7!
PMA/Ionomycin stimulated human PBMCs were stained with CD4 Alexa Fluor® 647, treated with Fixation Buffer and stained with IFN-γ APC/Fire™ 750.
The vial of APC/Cy7 or APC/Fire™ 750 was stored in the dark at either 4°C or 37°C for 81 days. At certain intervals, an aliquot of reagent was used to stain Veri- Cells™
Human whole blood was stained with CD3 (SK7) conjugates of APC/Fire™ 750, APC/Cy7, APC-H7, or APC-eFluor® 780 at optimal dilution.
MitoSpy™ Mitochondrial Probes
MitoSpy™ mitochrondrial localization probes are cell-permeant, fluorogenic chemical reagents used for labeling mitochondria of living cells in live-cell imaging applications or they can be fixed to facilitate mounting the specimen with antifade for inverted microscopy or confocal imaging applications. Read more
MitoSpy™ Orange: For live cells or fix/permed cells. Membrane polarization dependent. Chloromethyl group aids in retention with PFA-based fixative for permeabilization. Pricing
MitoSpy™ Green: Only for live cells! No mechanism for retention, so no permeabilization possible! Not membrane potential dependent. Pricing
Tag-it Violet™ Proliferation and Cell Tracking Dye
Long-term cell tracking · Cell proliferation · Viability and Cell Health
Tag-it Violet™ passively diffuses into the cell, where esterases cleave acetoxymethyl esters on the molecule, Tag-it Violet™ then covalently attaches to intracellular/cytoplasmic proteins enabling its long-term retention (similar mechanism to CFDA-SE). Pricing  

• Max. Ex: 395nm, Max. Em: 455nm (violet laser, DAPI filter)

• High concentrations may affect cell viability

• Alternatives: Zombie-Dyes (cell tracking), CFSE (proliferation)

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