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sandwich-based, 1728 kits
Extensive ELISA selection including cytokines, growth factors, proteases, soluble receptors, apoptosis effectors, and many other soluble proteins!
Highly sensitive and specific.

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sandwich-based, 163 kits
Compressed workflow - only 3 hours total processing time!
Highly sensitive and specific.


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competition-based, 116 kits
Requires only a single antibody. Useful for detecting peptide, hormones and other molecules for which no antibody pair exists!
Broad-species reactivity.

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sandwich-based, 218 kits
Monitor activation or function of biological pathways in cell or tissue lysates.
Very rapid, convenient and sensitive assays.

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Post-Translation ELISA
sandwich-based, 2 kits NEW!
Detect post-translational events other than phosphorylation.
Very rapid, convenient and sensitive assays.

So far available:
Cleaved Caspase-3 
Cleaved PARP

direct, 26 kits
Measure relative phosphorylation and monitor the effect of various treatments, inhibitors or activators in adherent cells.
Very rapid and sensitive.

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