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MojoSort™ is BioLegend's magnetic cell separation system for the isolation and purification of cells from heterogeneous populations. MojoSort™ offers outstanding performance at an excellent price!
Specific antibodies that are conjugated to magnetic particles will bind to cells expressing the target antigen. Applying a magnetic field will attract the cells towards the magnet, separating them from the rest of the cells. More...
  • Tube-based magnetic separation
  • Fast and easy isolation of pure, functional cells
  • Outstanding pricing
  • High yield
  • Small and large test size formats
  Excellent Purity!
Product Cat.Nr. Qty
Product Cat.Nr. Qty
MojoSort™ Human
CD8 T Cell Isolation Kit
480011 10 tests
480012 100 tests
MojoSort™ Mouse
CD4 T Cell Isolation Kit
480005 10 tests  
480006 100 tests  
480033 200 tests  
Mouse Products
CD19, CD3, CD4, CD45, CD8, Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells
Human Products
CD14, CD3, CD4, CD45, CD8x

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