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Many researchers have devoted in developing cancer immunotherapy for years. Besides the CTLA-4 pathway, the mechanisms that govern the PD1/PDL1 pathway in immunosuppression have been the focus of intense research recently.

Recently, Cortez et al. (Nov 2015) reported that p53 controls PDL1 expression through miR-34, a microRNA linked to other p53-associated tumor suppressor pathways. They showed in an in vivo tumor mouse model, that delivery of miR-34 in conjunction with X-ray therapy was superior to either treatment alone. This study offers an exciting glimpse into future immunotherapeutic approaches to combat malignancies.

Given that both radiotherapy and chemotherapy can also mobilize antitumor T cells, there is great excitement that checkpoint inhibition and other immunomodulatory approaches can be combined with conventional modalities to maximize clinical outcomes for a number of malignancies.
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GTX42170 B7-DC antibody [MIH14]   GTX75812 CTLA4 antibody [WKH203]   GTX42204 OX40L/CD252 Ab [ATM-2] Azide-free
GTX42152 B7-H3 / CD276 Ab [MIH42]   GTX80283 FOXP3 antibody [3G3]   GTX104762 PD1 antibody [C1C3]
GTX88996 B7-H4 antibody, Internal   GTX107737 FOXP3 antibody [C3], C-term   GTX42144 PD1 antibody [MIH4]
GTX42172 BTLA antibody [MIH26]   GTX89934 FOXP3 antibody, C-term   GTX104763 PD-L1 antibody
GTX37456 CCL22 antibody   GTX127352 Galectin9 antibody   GTX42160 PD-L1 antibody [MIH6]
GTX113156 CD28 antibody [N1C2]   GTX89465 HVEM / TR2 antibody, Internal   GTX85449 PDL-2 antibody
GTX80197 CD28 antibody [CD28.2] (FITC)   GTX129570 ICOS antibody   GTX62796 STAT1 (P: Ser727) Ab [EPR3146]
GTX42131 CD28 Ab [YTH913.12] Azide-free   GTX42157 ICOS Ligand antibody [MIH11]   GTX83552 STAT1 antibody [4H9]
GTX42437 CD137 Ab [17B5] (Azide free)   GTX113753 IDO1 antibody [N1N3]   GTX113010 STAT1 antibody [N2C2], Internal
GTX117355 CD137L antibody [N2C3]   GTX31185 IFN gamma antibody   GTX110587 STAT3 antibody [C2C3], C-term
GTX84720 CD4 antibody [10B5]   GTX15624 IFN gamma antibody [2G1]   GTX104616 STAT3 antibody [C3], C-term
GTX63943 CD4 antibody [EPR6855]   GTX42485 IFN gamma R1 antibody [BB1E2]   GTX14097 T-bet /TBX21 antibody [4B10]
GTX100824 CD4 antibody [N3C3]   GTX53343 IFN gamma R2 antibody [7A25]   GTX108701 TBX21 antibody [N1C2]
GTX101447 CD40 antibody   GTX130513 IL10 antibody   GTX110630 TGF beta 1 antibody
GTX44541 CD40 Ab [3/23] (Azide free)   GTX101138 IL2 antibody   GTX21279 TGF beta antibody [TB21]
GTX13546 CD40L antibody [5F3]   GTX108495 IL2 Receptor-beta Ab [C3], C-term   GTX54117 TIM-3 antibody
GTX42386 CD40L antibody [YMF323.6.2]   GTX76000 KIR family antibody [NKVFS1]   GTX54054 TIM-3 antibody [RMT3-23]
GTX84701 CD80 antibody [2B11]   GTX42244 LAG3 antibody [C9B7W]   GTX110520 TNF alpha antibody
GTX75765 CD80 antibody [MEM-233]   GTX81605 LAG3 antibody, Internal   GTX31193 TNF alpha antibody
GTX41787 CD86 antibody [24F]   GTX42439 OX40/CD134 antibody [OX-40]   GTX28349 TNF alpha antibody [F6C5]
GTX74650 CD86 antibody [BU63]   GTX74997 OX40/CD134 antibody [OX86]      
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