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RayBio® ELISA kits 26.08.2015
Over 1,650 ISO certified and rigorously tested ELISA kits, all backed by the 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Sandwich ELISA
For quantitative measurement of soluble proteins in 13 different species.
Extensive ELISA selection including cytokines, growth factors, proteases, soluble receptors, apoptosis effectors, and many other soluble proteins! More
Requires only a single antibody and thus is particularly useful for detecting peptide hormones and other molecules for which no antibody pair exists!
Broad-species reactivity! More
Phosphorylation ELISA
Phosphorylation ELISA kits are very rapid, convenient and sensitive assays that monitor the activation or function of important biological pathways in cell lysate samples.
Cell-Based Phosphorylation ELISA
Very rapid, convenient and sensitive. For measuring the relative amount of protein phosphorylation and monitoring the effect of various treatment, inhibitors or activators in cultured cell lines.
Multiplex Western Blot: C-Series Membrane Based Arrays
Semi-Quantitative, Sandwich-Based, Membrane Antibody Arrays

Are you tired of stripping and re-probing blots?
Use the RayBio® C-Series Arrays to screen and compare expression levels of many cytokines, growth factors, receptors and other proteins in a single assay! The C-Series Arrays act as a multiplex western blot, detecting up to 274 proteins with high specificity. The array membranes are processed similarly to a Western blot  and are visualized with a chemiluminescent readout. More

  • Very simple and robust
  • little or no optimization
  • no special equipment! 
- Human Cytokine Array 6 in Blood
- Human Cytokine Array 5 in Oncogene
- Mouse Cytokine Array 1000 in PLoS One
- Mouse Inflammation 1 in Lab. Invest.

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