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  • Highly sensitive
  • Ready-to-use PCR reaction mix
  • Over 20 Mycoplasma species targeted
  • Only 10-20 minutes of actual work
  • Results obtained in <5 hours
Product Cat.No. Assays
EZ-PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit   Details 20-700-20
Treat Mycoplasma with antibiotic combinations!
Product Cat.No. Qty Price CHF
BIOMYC-1 Antibiotic Solution 100X Conc. (Tiamutin)
03-036-1D 10ml
03-036-1C 20ml
03-036-1B 100ml
BIOMYC-2 Antibiotic Solution 100X Conc. (Minocycline)
03-037-1D 10ml
03-037-1C 20ml
03-037-1B 100ml
BIOMYC-3 Antibiotic Solution 100X Conc. (Ciprofloxacin)
03-038-1D 10ml
03-038-1C 20ml
03-038-1B 100ml
Prevent Mycoplasma!
Product Cat.No. Price CHF
Pharmicidal, for disinfecting surfaces Details IC-110100
AQUAGUARD-1 Solution  Details 01-867-1
AQUAGUARD-2 Solution  Details 01-916-1

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